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-The Jaguar, Greensboro NC

Sam's work is amazing. I was very impressed with my mix. The clarity was spot on and I will definitely be working with him again.



MinnesotaMIXING gives you the time-and-money saving benefits of online mixing services with the quality and customer service of going to a full studio.

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Why Choose MinnesotaMIXING?

MinnesotaMIXING is a great choice for making your song sound amazing. We provide professional quality mixing at an affordable price point and are the most convenient option for getting your song mixed.

If you want your song to sound amazing, give MinnesotaMIXING a try!

How Does It Work?

Getting your song mixed by MinnesotaMIXING is simple. After purchasing a mix package, you'll receive an order number with specific instructions. You then email us with your song files and order number, we'll give you a time estimate, mix it, and get it back to you! There's no hassle and it's extremely convenient. After you receive the first version of the mix, you'll get a certain number of revisions (our base package starts at 3 revisions for just $75) to request anything you want changed. That's it! For more information, you can visit our FAQ page or our services page. If you have any questions after that, please feel free to contact us!

You've just finished recording your song (or working with an engineer). The next step is to have it mixed. In a nutshell, audio mixing is putting separate tracks (a guitar track, a bass track, etc) together into one audio file and making them sound good together. It is an essential part of the process of audio production, and can make the difference between a song getting nowhere and becoming a #1 hit. We offer affordable and professional mixing services to help your song reach its potential. For more information on what mixing is, you can visit our What Is Mixing page. Also, here are two of our helpful blog posts:

Is it worth getting your song professionally mixed?

Mixing vs Mastering

Do you master music too?

Here at MinnesotaMIXING, your song is our first priority. We believe that it is beneficial to have a separate mastering engineer for many reasons- the most important being a fresh set of ears to listen to your song for the first time. We recommend that you look for separate mixing and mastering services to give your song the chance at success that it deserves. For more on this, you can visit our blog post on mixing vs mastering.

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